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What is FHK?


Friends Helping Kids, Inc. was formed as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization comprised completely of volunteers and run solely through generous private and in-kind donations. 


The mission is to provide a traditional, overnight summer camp (Krewe de Camp) experience to children with developmental disabilities while also giving their parents and caretakers a much-needed rest.


We operate the one-week-long camp without charging the campers or their caretakers any fees so that the experience is available to all families regardless of financial need. Our campers get to experience an array of activities including swimming, outdoor games, guest presenters, arts and crafts, concerts, a dance, and a fair.  Camp is also an opportunity to socialize among peers and relax in a fun nurturing atmosphere.


In addition to our camp, we hold several events throughout the year to grow the FHK family and keep in touch with our current campers and graduates of our program. 



Friends Helping Kids, Inc.

Board of Directors

Our Philosophy

Provide a traditional summer camp experience, free of charge, to children with developmental disabilities.  Along side our primary mission we strive to offer a place where high school volunteers can fulfill their want to give service to others.

Our History

For almost 30 years we have operated as a free traditional summer camp experience for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  We have experienced a handful of camp names over the years but our mission to serve families has remianed the same.  

Outdoors & Sports

Outdoor games are like any activity you may experience at summer camp--inclusive.  We play kickball, softball, dodgeball, etc...  Staff and attendants are present to help facilitate a fun and safe time.  

Arts & Crafts


Traditional Arts & Crafts geared towards a hands-on activity aimed at enabling the camper to complete multiple projects throughout the week.  Staff and attendants are present to encourage campers to use their creativity.  



For many of our campers exercise in water appeals to them because of the unique quality of buoyancy of water that reduces joint loading and impact, and decreases the negative influences of poor balance and poor postural control.


Additionally, swimming is a great activity to escape the summer heat and it's just good fun!


Certified lifeguards are on duty for swimming activities along with qualified staff, many of whom are certified in life-saving techniques. 

Past Camp Experiences

Check out our past camp experiences

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